YouTube Shorts for News

March 27th 2024 - March 28th 2024
Absolutely Free

YouTube and Changer are joining forces to host a workshop for the journalists and news creators of the world. Dive into the details of journalism can thrive using YouTube Shorts on-platform revenue with insights from industry experts and top creators Cleo Abram and Jack Kelly.

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YouTube Shorts for news content


Cleo Abram

Cleo Abram

2.2m Subscribers

Cleo Abram is an Emmy-nominated independent video journalist. She creates Huge If True, an optimistic show about technology. Before going independent, Cleo was a video producer for Vox. She wrote and produced for Vox’s Netflix show, Explained, was sole host of Vox’s first ever daily show, Answered, and was co-host of Vox’s YouTube Originals show, Glad You Asked.

Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly

+2m Subscribers

Jack Kelly is the founder and CEO of TLDR News, a social media news brand creating industry leading news and geo-politics explainers for more than 2.7 million subscribers across the TLDR Network. TLDR reaches hundreds of millions of people each year, creating videos to help young people form their own opinions and better understand the world around them. TLDR remains entirely independent, following journalistic principles to produce impartial and apolitical reporting around the world

What you will learn

Discover the secrets to spreading your story and cultivating a dedicated following through the dynamic platform of YouTube Shorts

  1. 01Understand the EcosystemLearn about the interplay between YouTube long-form VOD and Shorts.

    Discover how to navigate Algorithms around Shorts.

  2. 02Key StrategiesWe'll demonstrate how to put these into play to create impact with Shorts and increase your views and subscribers.

  3. 03Learn From the BestSee what the best News Creators in the world do to grow their channel using Shorts.

  4. 04Ask Us AnythingQ&A featuring a leading Guest Creator and YouTube Experts to answer any of your questions.

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