Success Stories

Dami Lee
Architecture & Design
1.44M Subs

From 104k to 1.4m subscribers – Canadian YouTuber and Architect, Dami Lee, uses her platform to share her passion for architecture, design and creativity. Following experiences with other programs that saw limited impact, Dami joined our first Accelerator program in Canada.

Together, we crafted a programming and retention strategy, helping Dami gain traction and build lasting momentum.

Dami Lee — 1.44M Subscribers
Creator Accelerator Alumni
Self Sufficient Me
2.2M Subs

From 71k to 2.2m subscribers – veteran, Mark Valencia, looking for a more sustainable way of life, Self Sufficient Me blossomed into a platform for people interested in looking after their health and slowing down a little.

Feeling stuck in expanding his channel, Mark took part in our first Accelerator. We outlined the tools needed to increase his impact and provided a support network that boosted his confidence, allowing him to create better content and reach more people.

Self Sufficient Me — 2.2M Subscribers
Glory Allan
Crafter & Sewer
263K Subs

From 115k to 263k subscribers – YouTuber, Glory Allan, crafts user-friendly sewing and design tutorials to break down DIY barriers. Recognising the individuality of every creator, Changer provided personalised one-on-one support to help Glory uncover who he is, what he does, and why he does it. Questions vital to expanding his channel and continuing his journey as a content creator.

Glory Allan — 115K to 263K Subscribers
CNCPT Accelerator
Our Upcycled Life
340K Subs

From 63k to 304k subscribers – Meet Diedre from Our Upcycled Life, an Accelerator Graduate teaching people how to turn forgotten items into beautiful treasures. Her channel spotlights sustainability to create a better, upcycled future.

With Changer's support, Diedre expanded her team and diversified her revenue streams, giving her more time to create.

Our Upcycled Life — 340K Subscribers
Women's Voice Accelerator

Our Accelerator Alumni have built some of the most successful channels in the world

Every voice and journey is different. We’ve made better business for creators all across the globe. By collaborating, facilitating, and educating, Changer has helped creators connect with their audiences and carve out lasting careers in the creator economy.


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