We're here because we knowfrom experience there's a more sustainableit's why we exist future for creators.people like you

Our Story

Est. 2012


Farhad Meher–Homji + Ant McCormack

Farhad Meher–Homji + Ant McCormack

    Changer | Creator Generation

    Before being a content creator was a job, Ant McCormack and Farhad Meher-Homji believed in the potential of the creator economy. Now, with decades of experience in the industry, relationships with production companies, media outlets, and top platforms, Ant and Farhad help creators add value to their channels.

    Working directly with creators, Ant and Farhad build models of success that go beyond insights and tips. Genuine pathways and tools designed to be shared and have an impact on the entire community.

    Whether it’s tackling the big topics or chatting to creators about their journeys, Ant and Farhad have always been dedicated to growing the next generation of content creators.

    Our Mission

    To empower creators to hone their craft into long-term success.

    Our Vision

    A world filled with creative entrepreneurs.

    Our Purpose

    We're here because we know there's a more sustainable future for creators.

    We've come a long way...

    We collaborate with some of the best in the world


    What's next for Changer?

    We’re just getting started. Changer is setting its sights on becoming the forefront in creator education, propelling the next wave of content creators. We're steadily expanding our network, linking creators with each other and the broader creator economy. Our goal is to assist creators in transforming their influence into ventures that let them pursue what they love for the long haul.

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