Channel Lab: YouTube Accelerator

Queensland, Australia
May 13th 2024 - August 29th 2024
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About the Accelerator

Changer presents a program that connects you with the right people and know-how you need to level up your channel. Fast-track your journey to success with content that thrives and ideas that open up doors. If you're passionate about building a lasting career as a creator, we can show you how.

Learn from world-leading guest experts and top creators. Get connected to an exclusive network of creators. Unlock the roadmap to grow a successful and sustainable YouTube business, with weekly virtual sessions as well as personalised 1:1 mentoring sessions.

Tom Thum (433K Subs)

Changer Accelerator Grad


Learn from the world's best

Hafu Go

Hafu Go

5.36M Subs

Best known for his martial arts, fitness, and hobby exploration content.

Mario Joos

Mario Joos

Retention Expert

Former Retention Director at MrBeast & leading brand collaborator).

Get With the Program

From optimisation techniques to generating value for audiences, master the art of content creation across 8 weeks of Masterclasses.

  1. 01Understanding the AlgorithmsUnderstand the ecoystem you're creating content in.
  2. 02Packaging & OptimisationAdvanced channel & content packaging and optimisation strategies including how to make effective Thumbnails & Titles.
  3. 03Content DevelopmentHow to develop engaging content that a viewer will start to watch, and stay to watch.
  4. 04Programming & IdeationHow to conceptualise ideas that viewers will find attractive, and categorise those ideas to maximise engagement.

  5. 05Workflow & ProductionEfficient and effective workflow and production methodolgies to support your creativity.

  6. 06Audience DevelopmentHow to identify, foster and grow your audience.
  7. 07 Revenue GenerationFundamentals of revenue strategy and monetisation streams.
  8. 08Value GenerationStrategies on how to create long lasting value and start thiking like a creative entrepreneur.
Bonus Prizes

Plus, a chance to win a special prize

One lucky channel from the Accelerator will be chosen to attend a major creator conference as a reward for engagement in the program.

Program Details

The Accelerator will run for 16 weeks, starting on 13th May 2024, consisting of:

Initial 8 weeks of:

  • In-Person Orientation Day at Screen Queensland Studios, Brisbane*

  • Weekly Virtual Masterclass Sessions (2-2.5hrs each)

  • Weekly Virtual Check In Sessions (1 hr each)

Followed by an additional 8 weeks of:

  • Weekly Virtual Check In Sessions (1 hr each)

  • 3x 1:1 Mentor Sessions per Channel

*You, or a nominated member of your Channel team, must be able to attend the in-person Masterclasses held at the Screen Queensland Studios in Brisbane in order to participate in this Accelerator.

Successful applicants who apply from outside of Brisbane (but still within QLD) may receive support to participate in the in-person programming.

Application Requirements

The following are the core requirements for the program. If you do not meet the requirements below you can still apply, but you will need to explain why you feel you should qualify for the program in this application.

  • You must have a YouTube Channel with between 5,000 - 150,000 subscribers
  • OR you have between 50,000 - 500,000 followers on another video-based social platform.


  • You must be based in Queensland*
  • You agree that you want to accelerate the growth of your YouTube channel specifically, and grow your career as a Queensland creator.
  • You are eager, passionate and ready to learn!

*At least one primary creator from each team must live in Queensland and be Queensland-based.

Applications close 8th April 2024.

Our Accelerator Alumni have built some of the most successful channels in the world

Every voice and journey is different. We’ve made better business for creators all across the globe. By collaborating, facilitating, and educating, Changer has helped creators connect with their audiences and carve out lasting careers in the creator economy.


Here's what our graduates say..

Self Sufficient Me
Tom Thum
Beatboxer / Musician
Dami Lee
Architecture & Design
Many Kudos
Internet & Gaming Culture
Our Upcycled Life

I’m now more confident with what I need to do and driven to become more successful on YouTube.

Self Sufficient Me — 2.27M Subscribers

I wish I knew what I know now when I first started creating YouTube videos.“I tell everyone I know who creates YouTube videos, or wants to create YouTube videos, what I learned in the Changer incubator.

Tom Thum — 433K Subscribers

You can really tell that the Changer crew were passionate about helping us as creators; know our worth and grow as a business and not just as a YouTuber. I would highly recommend these guys to other up and coming creators

GuitarZero2Hero — 1.5M Subscribers

"I think the program covered all the fundamentals of what you need in order to build a successful Youtube channel. It's all a matter of spending the time and energy to apply the learnings. The workshop was a very open and safe environment to ask questions and learn from others, and it was encouraging to take the program group of women who are passionate about upgrading their skills.

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your guidance for the channel. It's really hard to believe how much it has grown. I was telling the group last week but this program actually changed my life in a big way"

Dami Lee — 1.49M Subscribers
Creator Accelerator Alumni

After taking this course, I feel empowered to make the choices and content I need to succeed on this platform. I am incredibly lucky to have had such an opportunity so early on in my career, and I can imagine any large creator would wish they had this knowledge when they were at the same stage as me.

Many Kudos — 330K Subscribers

The team teaching the accelerator program have been exceptional. I have gained more confidence in running my channel and my numbers have increased significantly. The advice I have received has been unparalleled. I truly don't think my channel would be at where it is today without their assistance.

Our Upcycled Life — 340K Subscribers
Women's Voice Accelerator

Our Program Partner

Screen Queensland

Channel Lab: YouTube Accelerator is an initiative funded by Screen Queensland as part of their commitment to supporting the state’s content creators using online platforms to share their screen stories so they can build their production skills and reach new audiences.

Screen Queensland is the state government-owned agency investing in locally made films, series and digital games, and attracting international and interstate production and post-production. The agency runs career-building initiatives for practitioners around the state and supports film festivals and industry events. Screen Queensland is deeply committed to uplifting the voices of Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and increasing diversity on and off screen.

Applications now closed

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Applications now closed
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Got what it takes?

Applications close 8th April 2024

Applications now closed
Applications now closed