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General Knowledge


You'll find a helpful list of tools in the links below.

Articles on AI

Some useful articles on how creators can use some of these tools.


Ideation & planning

Key Tools


  • Help with all stages of planning
  • Useful across multiple applications
  • Tailor content for an audience

Improving Prompts

Here's a great guide on 100+ AI Prompts to use to speed up your workflow


Video production & editing

Key Tools

There are a number of offerings to help level up your video game:


  • Turn image & text into video
  • B-roll footage

Adobe Premier Pro

  • Augment and remove objects
  • Intelligently extend clips
  • Integrates with Runway, Pika and Open AI


  • Edit videos via written script
  • Remove unnecessary pauses
  • Impose eye contact

Opus Clip

  • Great for captioning
  • Cutdown longform into vertical
  • Auto reframe speakers


Image & graphic creation

Key Tools

Canva Magic Studio

  • Create output for different platforms
  • Generate images
  • Image manipulation
  • Composition extension


  • Simpler to use
  • Manipulate subject, action, and environment


  • More powerful
  • Enhance compositions
  • Manipulate subject, action, environment, medium, light, mood, and more

Not sure whether to go for Midjourney or DALL-E? - Here's a helpful article comparing the two


AI & music

Key Tools

Eleven Labs

  • Realistic text to audio
  • Advanced voice cloning
  • Speech & dubbing in 29 languages and 26 accents

Adobe Podcast

  • Clean up audio easily
  • Optimize your mic setup
  • Record podcasts in real time


  • Create full songs with lyric and artwork
  • Explore trending songs
  • Thousands of styles available

Want to make music in the style you like? Here's an article on how to use Suno to do just that.

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