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Welcome to Changer

The new entertainment landscape

Changer Studios is dedicated to the new entertainment landscape. We put talent at the forefront and drive from a base of creating high quality content. We help creators and brands develop their projects and promote them through new media strategies.

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aaron sorkin

Learning from Aaron Sorkin

We get a lot of questions about scripts and script writing for online formats. While there are a number of things which have changed in terms of format and structure, many of the story fundamentals still remain rock solid. This week Masterclass released a new tutorial series from Aaron Sorkin – arguably one of the best screen […]


Vimeo Video 101

We thought we would share this nifty set of ‘how to’ videos as part of our Resource series. Vimeo offer some great tips on a range of topics, from choosing a camera and lighting all the across to editing and sound. Check it out: Video 101: Choosing a Camera from Vimeo Video School on Vimeo. […]

Club Face Off

Want to see the Terminator, Robocop and Darth Vader face off in a club?

In a masterful piece of editing, Antonio Maria Da Silva has created a mashup of some of the greatest characters in film, all coming together on the floor of a nightclub. As Antonio describes it – It’s out of all time. Out of all logic. But boy is it cool :-). Featuring Terminator, Tony Montoya, Tom Cruise, Robert […]