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Exclusive YPO Singapore Masterclass​ Series

The media landscape has seismically shifted. A new generation of creative talent is distributing content globally on platforms like YouTube and building massive audiences, engagement revenue on an unparalleled scale.

These exclusive masterclasses, designed for 12 - 17 year olds, will arm participants with world-leading knowledge covering the core areas of YouTube success - helping you better understand and create an impact in this new media landscape. 

These interactive online sessions will arm you with the foundational knowledge to be a leader of the Creator Generation.

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Developing Your

Saturday 21st November, 10 - 11:30am

​The keys to online content success. This masterclass covers:

  • The importance of identifying a niche

  • Creating around passion

  • Developing a strong format for your videos

  • How to find and connect with the right audience for you.

During this session participants will actively begin to develop their own content format.


Saturday 28th November, 10 - 11:30am

Successful YouTube creators aren't content factories, they're creative entrepreneurs building sustainable and scalable media businesses.


This masterclass will cover:

  • Key traits of successful YouTube entrepreneurs 

  • How to make money and build a long-term scalable business as a Creator   

It also includes...

Top experts & creators 

Each session features a guest expert / successful YouTube Creator, who will share their knowledge and insights to help you better understand how they succeeded on YouTube. 


Free access to changer's online 'Accelerate for YouTube' course 

Attendees will also get access to Changer's Accelerate Course for YouTube course - with over 20 hours of video tutorials and interviews with top global creators (valued at $197).  

Tips just for you

At the end of the Masterclass series we will offer 1-1 consultations with each participant to offer custom advice on your own YouTube channel.

Featuring Top Creator
Maaz 'The Amaazing'

Each session we'll be joined by Maaz, the creator behind the YouTube channel 'The Amaazing'.

Maaz is a top storytime animator with over 860,000 YouTube subscribers and + 53 million views.

On top of building a new-generation media company, Maaz has also recently finished his medical degree and has taken 2020 as a 'gap year' to focus on his content creating and business before adding his medical career into the mix.

Maaz will share his stories, insights and advice to help participants understand YouTube better and how they can can creatively (and strategically) grow on YouTube.

About Changer

We are a world-leading provider of content creation education programs - delivered in partnership with YouTube, Google and other leading partners - developing the next generation creator ecosystem including partnering with YouTube to deliver the world's first YouTube Creator Incubator and YouTube Creator Accelerator.

We are creators, educators and strategists and have dedicated ourselves to helping creators, brands and businesses take advantage of online video to become their own media houses. 

We work with the best in the world to bring you leading insights including:

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The Changer Ecosystem

A unique partnership with YouTube & Google delivering video creator programs across Asia, Australia & New Zealand.

Advanced online video strategies - growing audiences and creating better engagement.

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Investment & development in online content creator talent to shape the future media landscape. 


Events, online community & podcast connecting the world’s video creator ecosystem.

Creators we've helped grow

UNIFIED Music Group

176k Subscribers

Internet Historian

3m Subscribers

The Teskey Bros
88k Subscribers

Tom Thum
400k Subscribers


3.69m Subscribers


700k Subscribers


1.72m Subscribers

Blender Guru
1.14m Subscribers

Self Sufficient Me
594k Subscribers

Little Grey Box
39k Subscribers

ZAmerican English

4.12m Subscribers

Kok Bisa

2m Subscribers

The Amaazing
714k Subscribers

Chris' Room

361k Subscribers

IU Connect

264k Subscribers

Ray Du English
2.54m Subscribers

Point of View

923k Subscribers

Korean Billy
116k Subscribers

Andy's Fishing

192k Subscribers

Exam Fear
826k Subscribers

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