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Create Queensland is a partnership between Queensland Government and YouTube that aims to stimulate the current and next generation of Queensland’s creative entrepreneurs.

Griffith University, QUT and QUT Creative Enterprise Australia are key partners in the delivery of the program. The program provides creative entrepreneurs and digital creators funding, production resources and equipment, as well as expert support to enhance their ability to develop high-quality digital content and reach new global audiences via YouTube.

YouTube is no longer the home of cat videos and one-off video success. YouTube is now an entertainment destination that is geared towards channel success.
CONTENT: 500 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute
SESSION: 40+ minute average session time
MOBILE: 70% of watch time comes from mobile
AI: Recommendations engine bases serving decisions on 80 billion signals
It watches your videos, listens to your content and learns - all the time.
  1. Focus on bringing people to YouTube and Watch Time

  2. Think of the whole ecosystem (Creator / Viewer / Advertiser)


  1. Increase video watch time

  2. Increase channel watch time

  3. Bring people to the platform

  4. Increase YouTube session times

The Guinea Pig Protocol is how we explain the importance of niche content. It's based on the premise that Youtube now creates unparalleled access to niche communities, allowing creators the ability to create specific content for a  specific audience.

Take Guinea Pig lovers for example. Targeting a niche group like this with traditional media is extremely costly with little penetration. Using YouTube however you can create content cost effectively, and reach Guinea Pig fans all over the world with minimum overheads. So what was once a small unviable audience traditionally, can now become a MASSIVE engaged community.       


What's your guinea pig?

  1. Channel info: channel name & description

  2. Banner & icon (clear branding and imagery)

  3. Tags (accurate around your content and vids)

  4. Channel trailer (create a hook)

  5. Playlists (categorise content and set an Official Series list)

  1. Faces: close up, eye contact

  2. Strong emotions

  3. Bright background

  4. Contrast

  5. Text: 2-3 words max. & contrast

6. Branding in the correct location

7. Consistency

8. Looks good small

9. Suits the video

10. Easy to understand

This is best practice for most channels. You don't have to do all of these things on every thumbnail.

  1. Make the viewer need to click by creating an information gap.

  2. Include a keyword you want to rank for.

  1. Enticing

  2. Create an ‘information gap’

  3. Be grammatically correct

  4. Accurately describe the video

  5. Include key word to rank for

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