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Women's Voices


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The Women's Voices Accelerator is a world-leading program for Canadian YouTube creators who self-identify as women and are dedicated to growing the success and sustainability of their YouTube channels.


This Accelerator helps creators develop the advanced skills and support network required to thrive as a content creator.

Pioneered alongside Google, our Creator Accelerators are intensive programs for Creators, helping them to rapidly grow their channels and leverage new opportunities.
They are built on an advanced framework developed by Changer and feature cutting edge insights from the world’s top experts and Creators.

 Accelerator alumni have gone on to build some of the most successful channels in the world with over 48 million subscribers and +4.4 billion views


Delivered in collaboration with YouTube

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Meet the cohort:


Rachel Dancel

79.5k subscribers

Educational and lifestyle content for international students / newcomers to Canada

Beth Grace Moore.jpg

Beth Grace Moore

12.9k subscribers

Motherhood and lifestyle content designed to encourage and inspire North American moms in the highs and lows of parenting


Retro Phant0m

104k subscribers

A humour-laced commentary channel to talk about real issues in a light-hearted way

Lydia Naomi.jpg

Lydia Naomi

75.8k subscribers

Connecting with sewists of all skill levels to teach, equip and inspire them to aim for their best

Gabrielle Everything Money.jpg

Gabrielle | Everything Money

14.2k subscribers

Personal finance topics including budgeting, saving, investing, and tax tips

Our Upcycled Life.jpg

Our Upcycled Life

70.6k subscribers

Home Décor and lifestyle channel with lots of Upcycling, thrifting and DIY content

A Casual Gamer.jpg

A Casual Gamer

60.8k subscribers

Gaming favourites including recommendation videos, let's plays, unboxings, and more



91k subscribers

A gaming channel featuring Minecraft let's plays and reactions

Lisa Fevral.jpg

Lisa Fevral

26.7k subscribers

A channel about fashion, animation, pop culture and art

Irene Luvie.jpg

Luvie Irene

81.1k subscribers

Guiding viewers through their kpop audition journey

Dami Lee.jpg


114k subscribers

Design, creativity, and tools and strategies for a fulfilling career in architecture

Life Well Cruised.jpg

Life Well Cruised

50.1k subscribers

A channel dedicated to sharing helpful cruise travel & packing tips with new and experienced cruisers

The Perfect French With Dylane Moreau.jpg

The perfect French with Dylane

38.2k subscribers

French teaching channel for everyone who wants to learn, no matter their income (in English)

Julia Ayers.jpg

Julia Ayers

91.3k subscribers

Vegan recipes and videos on health, nutrition, balance, and intuitive eating and living

Rachel Harrison-Sund.jpg

Rachel Harrison-Sund

50k subscribers

Helping people generate passive income creating and selling journals, planners, notebooks, and more on the Kindle Direct Publishing Platform

Canada Accelerator Square FRENCH.png

Canadian French
Language Cohort

Commences June 2022

Applications closed - stay tuned to meet the cohort!

to kick-start
your business

One graduate from each Accelerator cohort will receive $25,000 funding from Creative Juice.

Who's Creative Juice?
Creative Juice is dedicated to growing the creator economy. One of the ways they're doing this is by supporting creators with Juice Funds. Juice Funds provides the “juice” creators need to grow their businesses. Their first "fund" is in partnership with the legendary YouTube creator MrBeast.

Check out the funding terms here.


Guest Experts


Learn from leading experts & creators from across the world sharing their insights and advice directly to you. Past program experts include:​




Graduates from our advanced Creator programs include:

emma mmm english.jpg

4.5m Subscribers

internet historian.jpg

Internet Historian

4.8m Subscribers

ZAmerican English

7.6m Subscribers

point of view.jpg

Point of View

1.7m Subscribers



5.1m Subscribers

rita artspear.jpeg


2.2m Subscribers

study with jess.jpeg

Study with Jess
416k Subscribers

michelle wong lab muffin.jpeg

297k Subscribers


Self Sufficient Me
1.4m Subscribers


Little Grey Box
60k Subscribers



481k Subscribers

erin may henry.jpeg

Erin May Henry

171k Subscribers


The Amaazing
1.1m Subscribers

samantha melanie.jpeg

Samantha Melanie 
61k Subscribers

jenny zhou.jpg

Jenny Zhou

40k Subscribers


Ray Du English
2.7m Subscribers

Additional Benefits

Thanks to our awesome support partners each Accelerator participant also gets:


A chance for $25k funding to kickstart your creative business.

TubeBuddy logo.png

12 months of TubeBuddy Legend valued at over $235. The ultimate toolkit to manage & grow your channel.

emma mmmenglish.png

“We've implemented just a few of the strategies we learned from Changer and are already seeing impressive results."


4.47 million subscribers

Changer YouTube EduTuber Accelerator

"Changer has a wealth of knowledge and are lovely to work with.We highly recommend getting in touch with them if you want to learn more about creating YouTube content."

Kat & Hailey - Beauty News
529k subscribers

beauty news.png

Delivered in collaboration with YouTube


Any questions? Please feel free to contact us :-)

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