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A pilot workshop series to grow the next generation of YouTube creators in
Western Australia and create a stronger culture of creative entrepreneurship.​
A partnership between Screenwest, Changer and YouTube.

YouTube: Understanding the algorithms and optimisation

A YouTube workshop all about cracking YouTube’s best practices and getting your channel set up for success.


This event is designed for anyone who has a YouTube channel and wants to better understand video optimisation as well as those who aspire to be YouTube creators but don't know where to start.


Presented by online video experts and featuring insights and tips directly from top YouTube creators this workshop will deliver insights and tips to help you succeed on the world's biggest video platform.


Event details:

Thursday 17 October

6 - 9pm

Perth Town Hall


YouTube Comedy Creator Bootcamp

Accelerate your YouTube comedy channel and find out how to leverage your content to unlock new opportunities for your comedy career.


Some of Australia’s top comedy and YouTube industry experts will help take your YouTube comedy career to the next level! 


Featuring top tips and insights from creators and experts including YouTube creator Ozzyman Reviews (3.4M subs & 885M views), experienced comedy producers and Screenwest, you’ll learn how to take your YouTube comedy career to the next level!


This workshop isn’t about helping you become funnier. You do you. This workshop is all about helping you grow your audience, and leverage your comedy.


Designed for comedy creators with 10k+ YouTube subscribers, practicing comedians and/or comedy producers looking to understand and leverage YouTube.

Event details:

Friday 18 October

9 am - 3 pm

Screenwest, Perth



Proudly supported by Screenwest