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Taking Your Event Online

In addition to our renowned live event series, Changer has pioneered and delivered a number of video upskilling programs digitally, with outstanding success.
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Types of Events

All of Changer’s courses, seminars and programs can be run as either:


>> Hybrid events (on stage + broadcast live online), or

>> Online events (broadcast completely online)


How it Works

All digital delivery events are run through dedicated online seminar systems. 


Attendees sign up for an event and are then provided with a link to access the online portal.


Confirmations are sent via email including reminders closer to the event.



During the event the attendee has the ability to:

  • See the speaker, guest speakers and presentation 

  • Chat with other attendees

  • Ask questions, which the speakers can answer live 

  • Partake in polls and interactive activities

  • Watch videos shared by presenters

  • Be invited ‘on stage’ (via video) to share opinions, questions and comments 

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Producer watching over live online event from a dedicated online studio. They are able to moderate, answer questions and engage with participants. 

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