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Getting More Views Through Optimiz

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What an excellent session!

Thanks for joining us for our workshop on titles and thumbnails, and our Q&A with Amanda Rach Lee and Emilia Fart!

We've put the two summary framework slides below for your reference - as well as a full replay of the session so you can re-live Phoebe's dinosaur impression all over again (plus heaps more resources)!

We're here to help, so please reach out anytime to [email protected] or slide into our DMs.

Cheat sheets:

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Next workshop

Formats and Programming: What videos to make & when to release them

Thursday February 17th
7pm EST

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Featuring Jeenie.Weenie

3.39 million subs / 2.7 billion views

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  • Learn advanced, practical skills from world-leading experts

  • Join a private Accelerator Creator community

  • Build a strong and sustainable monetization framework

  • Take advantage of new opportunities in the Creator Economy

  • Grow your network and be part of a thriving creator community

  • Plus, one graduate from each Accelerator cohort will receive $25k in funding from Creative Juice

Women's Voices Accelerator

A world-leading creator program for a select group of emerging, Canadian self-identifying women YouTube Creators to take your content and careers to the next level. 
watch the panel

Watch the workshop and Q&A

Featuring special guest Amanda Rach Lee and Emilia Fart

Watch: "Taking off my scarf for the first time in 11 years"

Stepping away from YouTube, Emilia left her channel with a touching farewell.

"I'm capable of more than I think I am, and it hasn't just taught me that I'm more capable than I think I am, it's taught me that 'us' as a collective - we - are capable than more than we think we are. 
And why else are we here? Other than to try , other than to do what we really want."
- Emilia Fart


Elevating Women's Voices

A series of workshops and Accelerators dedicated to supporting, elevating and growing self-identifying women YouTube creators across Canada.



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