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How to succeed & make an impact on YouTube
ft. MadFit

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Algorithms? Busted!
What an incredible first workshop that was - with so many insights and immediate tips on how to get more views for your channel! That power words trick from Phoebe especially was something I'm sure we'll all be doing from now on 🤔💥

Below you'll find some more info & resources to help on your creator journey.

We're here to help, so please reach out anytime to [email protected] or slide into our DMs.

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Getting more views through optimisation

Thursday February 10th
7pm EST

Featuring guest creators
Amanda Rach Lee & Emilia Fart

AmandaRachLee tbc.jpeg

Amanda Rach Lee

2.1 million subs
+180 million views


Emilia Fart

763k subs
+77 million views

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Watch the workshop and Q&A

Featuring special guest Maddie Lymburner from MadFit

watch the panel

Watch: "30 min TOTAL UPPER BODY Workout (Tone & Strengthen with Dumbbells)"

Feeling PUMPED after the Q&A with Maddie? Channel that energy into a full upper body work out with one of her real-time workout videos below. 💪


Women's Voices Accelerator

A world-leading creator program for a select group of emerging, Canadian self-identifying women YouTube Creators to take your content and careers to the next level. 


  • Learn advanced, practical skills from world-leading experts

  • Join a private Accelerator Creator community

  • Build a strong and sustainable monetization framework

  • Take advantage of new opportunities in the Creator Economy

  • Grow your network and be part of a thriving creator community

  • Plus, one graduate from each Accelerator cohort will receive $25k in funding from Creative Juice

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Learn more: Michelle from Lab Muffin

Michelle joins Farhad and Ant for a chat on finding success in her niche, as well as some of the challenges she's faced (and overcome!).

Elevating Women's Voices

A series of workshops and Accelerators dedicated to supporting, elevating and growing self-identifying women YouTube creators across Canada.


Delivered in collaboration with YouTube

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Supporting Partners

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Stay up-to-date with the Elevating Women's Voices creator program

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