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Elevating Women's Voices

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In collaboration with YouTube, we are running a free program for the whole year dedicated to supporting, elevating and growing self-identifying women YouTube creators across Canada.

With workshops, Accelerators and community events to share insights directly from the world's top creators and experts, we are covering a range of YouTube expertise and and delving into some of the unique challenges facing women creators.

We’re not even halfway through the program, but we’ve had some incredible moments so far! We ran a total of eight free YouTube workshops (delivered in English and French), covering everything from the algorithm, to how to program your channel, to the mindset and entrepreneurial thinking you need as a creator to take your channel to a business level by considering different revenue sources.

To get a feeling on the kind of supportive environment we've been able to create, check out this awesome moment from Phoebe during a conversation on beauty standards within the YouTube creator space:

We've been so grateful for the incredible range of guest creators we've been able to have join us for these workshop sessions,  including Jeenie.Weenie (3.73m subs), MadFit (6.9m subs), and DENYZEE (2.18m subs). Every creator so far has brought their own story and history, and the support for other women in the industry and their generosity of knowledge-sharing has been incredible.

Once these workshops finished, we then moved into the next stage of our programming. We have two specialised Accelerator cohorts that will be running this year, and we’re thrilled to announce our English Women’s Voices Accelerator cohort! 

We've selected 15 creators to work with over the course of this Women's Voices Accelerator, and the group are already beginning to see results! Group masterclasses have already begun, featuring leading industry guest experts such as Mario Joos (Retention director for Mr Beast) and Elizabeth Polans (Little Monster Media Co.) to help take their channels to the next level.

Check out the video below for a taste of the content they're making, and click the button below for a full list of their channels:


Our French workshops have just come to a close, and so too have our applications for the French cohort for our Accelerator program. Stay tuned for an announcement about this second group of creators!

Delivered in both English and French and in collaboration with YouTube

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Guest speakers so far
have included:



6.6 million subscribers

AmandaRachLee tbc.jpeg


2.1 million subscribers



2.18 million subscribers

Jeenie.weenie - Sandra.jpeg


3.38 million subscribers

shannon jones.jpeg

Bounce Patrol

25 million subscribers

Sunny Lenarduzzi

535k subscribers

Candice edgy veg.jpeg

Edgy Veg

444k subscribers

with wendy.jpeg

With Wendy

1.37 million subscribers

Sunny lenarduzzi.jpeg
Labmuffin 3.png

Michelle Wong

322k subscribers

Emilia Fart

763k subscribers


Cynthia Dulude

684k subscribers

Victoria charlton.jpg

Victoria Charlton

668k subscribers


Supporting Partners

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About Changer

We are creators, educators and strategists dedicated to helping creators grow successful and sustainable careers. 


We run leading education and up-skilling programs all over the world, developing the next generation of creator talent.

We collab with the best to bring you leading insights including:

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Creators we've helped grow

emma mmmenglish.png

4.5m Subscribers

internet historian.jpg

Internet Historian

4.8m Subscribers

ZAmerican English

7.6m Subscribers

view-  point of view.jpeg

Point of View

1.7m Subscribers



5.1m Subscribers

rita artspear.jpeg


2.2m Subscribers

study with jess.jpeg

Study with Jess
416k Subscribers

michelle wong lab muffin.jpeg

297 k Subscribers


Self Sufficient Me
1.4m Subscribers


Little Grey Box
60k Subscribers



481k Subscribers

erin may henry.jpeg

Erin May Henry

171k Subscribers


The Amaazing
1.1m Subscribers

samantha melanie.jpeg

Samantha Melanie 
61k Subscribers

jenny zhou.jpg

Jenny Zhou

40k Subscribers


Ray Du English
2.7m Subscribers

The Changer Ecosystem
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Creator development & education programs growing the next generation of creators. 

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Investment & development in creator ventures to grow the creator economy. 


Online community & podcast connecting the world’s video creator ecosystem.

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