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Creator Accelerator

Part of Victoria's Digital Creator Program

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The advanced development platform
for the new creator generation.
A four week program for established and advanced Victorian content creators to develop and leverage new opportunities in the rapidly changing media landscape.
Featuring world-leading insights from top experts and creators from all over the world.
Delivered by Changer in collaboration with YouTube, supported by the Victorian Government.
Part of Victoria's Digital Creator Program.
Due to COVID-19, this program will be held as online virtual sessions with guest speakers and interactivity.
Applications have now closed.

Take your creating career to the next level.

  • Elevate your channel & content

  • Learn new skills from world-leading experts

  • Identify and take advantage of new opportunities

  • Build a sustainable framework for your channel

  • Build lasting connections - locally, nationally & internationally

“We've implemented just a few of the strategies we learned from Changer and are already seeing impressive results."


2.85 million subscribers

Changer x YouTube EduTuber Accelerator

Meet the mentors

Who's it for?

The Changer Accelerator is designed for established to advanced creators with the expectation that applicants will have 100k+ YouTube subscribers, are currently working on their channels and are dedicated to growing the success and sustainability of their creating.

There are only a maximum of 10 places in the Accelerator.

Acceptance into this program is via application with the following selection criteria:

  • You have over 100,000 subscribers and be established on the YouTube platform

  • You are Victorian-based

  • You are able to commit to the four week program as outlined 
    Exception: Creators with smaller channels may be selected if they can demonstrate their readiness for this program via the application form.

  • You want to accelerate the growth of your channel and see the potential for it to be a full-time business

    This program is open for creators across all genres: unscripted or scripted narrative, comedy, education, health & fitness, travel, music, arts, animation and everything in between.

    Successful applicants will be selected at the discretion of Changer and the Program partners.

    Applications now closed.

What's involved

This program will runs from Wednesday 29 April, 2020 until Wednesday 27 May, 2020.

Each week consists of an intensive day of workshops delivered online via live video conference (approx. 4-5 hours), guest speakers and group work with participants with each session designed to take your channel and business to the next level. Fast.


There are also group accountability and connections via a dedicated online collaboration channel and continuous access to the Changer team and other participants. 


Graduates from our Creator Accelerator and Incubator programs includes:

Shoot Day Two - Jess-9 (3).jpg

Study with Jess

421k Subscribers

internet historian.jpg

Internet Historian

2.9m Subscribers

emma mmmenglish.jpg


2.85m Subscribers


Tom Thum
390k Subscribers



3.69m Subscribers

ZAmerican English

4.12m Subscribers



1.72m Subscribers


Blender Guru
1.14m Subscribers


Self Sufficient Me
594k Subscribers


Little Grey Box
39k Subscribers


Alysse Paris

27k Subscribers


Kok Bisa

2m Subscribers

10 min school 2.jpg

10-Min School

974k Subscribers


Chris' Room

361k Subscribers


IU Connect

264k Subscribers


Ray Du English
2.54m Subscribers

point of view.jpg

Point of View

923k Subscribers


Korean Billy
116k Subscribers


Andy's Fishing

192k Subscribers

exam fear 2.jpg

Exam Fear
826k Subscribers

“We had guest experts participate through online sessions from all over the world including the US and Singapore. It was great to get such diverse perspectives and assistance to help grow my channel."

Self Sufficient Me

594k subscribers

Changer x YouTube Incubator

"We are now using the knowledge and strategies we learned across all of our channels to help give value to our audiences and grow."

Get Set Fly Science
3.7 million subscribers

Changer x YouTube EduTuber Accelerator

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In collaboration with

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