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Creative Juice Funding
Elevating Women's Voices Accelerator

Creative Juice is funding two creators from the Elevating Women's Voices Accelerator $25,000 each to kick-start their business.

As part of the funding, creators become part of the Juice Funds community with access to experts and special community events.

Creative Juice are committed to supporting creators fairly and transparently. Creative Juice's terms adopt a revenue-based structure that ensures you own and control your intellectual property over a limited period. This is not a joint venture — you retain full ownership of your business and channels.


Approach their business with integrity, be highly passionate about what they create, and have a clear vision for their business. Have at least six months of upload history for their YouTube channel


Earn at least $1,000 per month in AdSense revenue for the prior two months
Be based in the U.S. or be willing to set up US LLC and business entity.


Why Fund?
Creative Juice is dedicated to growing the creator economy. One of the ways they're doing this is by supporting creators with Juice Funds. Juice Funds enables funding into creators, providing them the “juice” they need to grow their businesses. Creative Juice's goal is to support creators who would not otherwise have access to such resources. Creative Juice have established their first "fund" in partnership with the legendary YouTube creator MrBeast.

Find out more about Creative Juice here.

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