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Channel Lab:

YouTube Accelerator

Build more than a channel with the Accelerator for Queensland’s next generation of content creators.




QLD Australia


May - August 2024



Applications close: 8th April 2024


Our Accelerator alumni have built some of the most successful channels in the world.

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About The Accelerator

An exclusive program for the next generation of emerging video creators to gain the network and knowledge to rapidly expand their channels, build sustainable creator businesses and capitalise on new opportunities in the Creator Economy.

We're selecting 20 YouTube creators across Queensland to take part in this Accelerator. 

Advanced skills

& tactics

Your roadmap to grow a successful and sustainable YouTube business, with masterclasses, check in sessions and personalised  1:1 mentoring sessions.

Learn from
the best

Learn from world-leading guest experts and top YouTubers. Insights direct from industry leaders at the forefront of the Creator Economy.

Exclusive Creator Community

Get connected to an exclusive network of creators.

Grow, meet & potentially collaborate with other YouTube creators within your community.

If you're the mastermind behind your YouTube empire, use this program to create narratives that engage, entertain, inform, leaving a lasting impact on your growing viewer community.

About the Accelerator

Accelerator alumni grow their YouTube channels 





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Dami Lee

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Alumni Growth

Learn from the best

Guest experts and creators sharing their insights and advice. Previous Accelerator guest mentors include:

Shannon Jones - Headshot.jpg

Shannon Jones

Bounce Patrol
28M Subs

Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 2.51.54 pm.png

Mario Joos

Retention Director
(Formerly Mr.Beast)

Rene Ritchie - Headshot.jpeg

Rene Ritchie

YouTube Creator Liaison
(and content creator)

Renee Teeley

Top Expert
Creator Economy

Copy of Derek Muller - Headshot.jpg

Derek Muller

14.9M Subs

Applicant requirements

The following are the core requirements for the program. If you do not meet the requirements below you can still apply, but you will need to explain why you feel you should qualify for the program in this application.

  • You must have a YouTube Channel with between 5,000 - 150,000 subscribers

  • OR you have between 50,000 - 500,000 followers on another video-based social platform. 


  • You must be based in Queensland* 

    • *At least one primary creator from each team must live in Queensland and be Queensland-based.

  • You agree that you want to accelerate the growth of your YouTube channel specifically, and grow your career as a Queensland creator.

  • You are eager, passionate and ready to learn!

Guest Speakers
Applicant Requirements

Program details 

​The Accelerator will run for 16 weeks, starting on 13th May 2024, consisting of:

Initial 8 weeks of:


  • 1 x full-day in-person Masterclass at Screen Queensland Studios, Brisbane*

  • Weekly Group Masterclass Sessions (2 - 2.5hrs  hour each) 

  • Weekly Group Check In Sessions (1 hour each)

Followed by an additional 8 weeks of:

  • Weekly Group Check In Sessions (1 hour each) 

  • Bespoke 1:1 Mentor Sessions (3 in total for each cohort member) 

*You, or a nominated member of your Channel team, must be able to attend the in-person Masterclasses held at the Screen Queensland Studios in Brisbane in order to participate in this Accelerator.


Successful applicants who apply from outside of Brisbane (but still within QLD) may receive support to participate in the in-person programming.


Program Details

Program Prize
One lucky channel from the Accelerator will be chosen to attend a major creator conference as a reward for engagement in the program


What you will learn

Understanding the Algorithms

Understand the ecoystem you're creating content in.

Workflow & Production

Efficient and effective workflow and production methodolgies to support your creativity.

Packaging & Optimisation

Advanced channel & content packaging and optimisation strategies including how to make effective Thumbnails & Titles.

Audience Development

How to identify, foster and grow your audience.

Content Development

How to develop engaging content that a viewer will start to watch, and stay to watch. 

 Revenue Generation

Fundamentals of revenue strategy and monetisation streams.

Programming & Ideation

How to conceptualise ideas that viewers will find attractive, and categorise those ideas to maximise engagement.

Value Generation

Strategies on how to create long lasting value and start thiking like a creative entrepreneur.

Screen Queensland logo - landscape with gov.png

Channel Lab: YouTube Accelerator is an initiative funded by Screen Queensland as part of their commitment to supporting the state’s content creators using online platforms to share their screen stories so they can build their production skills and reach new audiences.


Screen Queensland is the state government-owned agency investing in locally made films, series and digital games, and attracting international and interstate production and post-production. The agency runs career-building initiatives for practitioners around the state and supports film festivals and industry events.  Screen Queensland is deeply committed to uplifting the voices of Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and increasing diversity on and off screen.  

In Partnership with Screen Queensland

Our Program Partner

What Accelerator graduates think



5.5m YouTube subs
EduTuber Accelerat
or Graduate

We've implemented just a few of the strategies we learned from Changer and are already seeing impressive results.



1.5m YouTube subs
Next Gen News Creator Accelerat
or Graduate

The Accelerator program provided me with guidance that is hard to find in the creator economy.



1.3m YouTube subs
EduTuber Accelerat
or Graduate

As a somewhat established creator I didn't think there was much more I could learn in regards to my channel as a business, but the guys at Changer Studios really opened my eyes up to the possibilities.

Learn from the leaders in Creator education

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Changer is the go-to source of knowledge and empowering catalyst for creators worldwide.


Changer empowers creators with the  knowledge and insights to shape sustainable careers.


With a spirit of collaboration and openness, Changer serves as a trusted authority bringing together a community of experts and partners to nurture and guide the next wave of content creators.

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Join a community of graduates from Changer's Accelerators

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Got questions? We've got answers

What's the catch?

No catch. We collaborate with YouTube all over the world to help grow successful and sustainable creators. What you see is what you get.

What's the cost?

The accelerator program is funded by Screen Queensland and is free to take part in, and won't cost you anything.

What's my commitment?

8 weeks of group weekly Masterclasses (~2 hrs each) & Virtual Check ins (1 hr each). Followed by 3 x 1:1 mentoring sessions & weekly group Virtual Check ins over a further 8 weeks. You are required to attend the majority of the sessions.

If you are accepted into the program, be aware that the following is the commitment expected for each program participant:


  • Demonstrate an active participation and involvement in virtual workshops and 1:1 sessions

  • Provide feedback and share your experience with the program team

  • Complete tasks and activities set throughout the course of the curriculum

How long is the program and when will it start?
All up, the program runs for 16 weeks and starts in May 2024. A rough schedule is as follows:

  • Orientation Day will be on Monday 13th May in-person at the Screen Queensland studios

  • Masterclasses will then run Virtually on Tuesdays for 7x weeks

  • Check-Ins will run Virtually each Friday for 16x weeks

  • 3x 1:1 mentoring sessions will be available to each channel throughout the entirety of the program, with slots for these opening as advised by the Changer team.

What will I learn?
Leading strategies and tactics to grow your channel, audience and revenue. Past alumni have gone on to build some of the biggest channels in the world. 


How many people will be accepted?
There will be a maximum of 20 channels per accelerator.


Will I have to give up any channel or IP ownership?

You won't have to give up anything. You own your content, your IP, your ad revenue, your future earnings, any ideas you come up with etc. It's all yours and stays yours.

Do I have to share a cut of my YouTube revenue with you?

No, it's all yours.

Who are Screen Queensland? 

Screen Queensland are the state government-owned agency investing in locally made films, series and digital games, and attracting international and interstate production and post-production. They are actively seeking and championing emerging creators to harness their skills and drive, contributing to the continual growth and prosperity of the Queensland screen industry. The agency runs career-building initiatives for practitioners around the state and supports film festivals and industry events.  


Screen Queensland is deeply committed to uplifting the voices of Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and increasing diversity on and off screen.  

Can I still apply if I don't meet the subscriber requirements?
You sure can! We're open to including channels who don't meet the subscriber requirements - make your case as to why you should be involved and convince us. 

Got more questions? Want to have a chat? Hit us up at

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